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Standort: Leipzig & Berlin

Sprache: Deutsch & Englisch

Branche: E-commerce


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About Us

Giving used products a new home: This mission has turned momox into Europe’s leading re-commerce business. Whether it’s books, media or fashion, since 2004 hundreds of millions of used goods have found a new home through us.


While being a grown-up business, we cherish our start-up spirit. That’s how we combine a safe and secure foundation with an agile mindset, trust and personal freedom. Creating a canvas for impact and growth, both for people and our business.

Today more than 2.000 people from over 80 countries are bringing this canvas to life. Creating yearly revenues beyond € 300 Mio. through unique ideas, skills and ambitions.

To fulfill our mission, we are constantly looking for new talents. Offering modern and inclusive workspaces, remote working options, budgets for personal growth and numerous further benefits. Apply for your part of the canvas and make us an even more diverse and colorful place.

Why we are a Proudr Partner

Respect towards our planet is at the core of our business model. And so is respect towards people at the core of our values.


We firmly believe that diversity drives creativity and helps us further our cause as much as it makes the world a more beautiful place. Much like Berlin, where we started our journey, we are home to everyone. While appreciating color, religion or gender, even more we’re seeking skill, creativity and ambition. Making a welcoming, open and warm atmosphere one of our top priorities.

Moreover, we see diversity and inclusion as a driver for constant improvement. Beyond our commitment to Charta der Vielfalt, partnering with proudr helps us to learn and to further our ambitions as well as connecting with the queer community.

Currently we are looking for

  • (Senior) Software Engineers - for PHP, Python, Search (Golang, ElasticSearch, Solr)
  • (Senior) Data Engineers - for iOS & Android
  • Lead Software Engineer - Python
  • Head of Engineering
  • Head of Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Working Student - Accounting
  • Legal Counsel
  • (Senior) Recruiter
  • Scrum Master
  • Performance Marketing
  • Grafic Designer
  • (Senior) SEO & Content Manager
  • (Senior) CRM Manager
  • Fashion Content Manager
  • Fashion Merchandise Manager
  • (Senior) Revenue / Pricing Manager

We offer these LGBTIQ+ related measures and services in the company

  • Schutz vor Diskriminierung von LGBTIQ+ in den Verhaltensgrundsätzen (Code of Conduct o. ä.), 
  • Sanktionen bei Diskriminierung von LGBTIQ+, 
  • Fortbildungen für Angestellte zum Umgang mit sexueller und geschlechtlicher Vielfalt, 
  • Keine geschlechtsspezifischen Kleidungsvorschriften, 
  • Geschlechterinklusive Sprache in der offiziellen internen Kommunikation, 
  • Geschlechtsneutrale Toiletten, 
  • Teilnahme an queeren öffentlichen Veranstaltungen (CSD/Pride/queere Straßenfeste/etc.), 
  • Verwendung von neuen Vornamen vor einer offiziellen Personenstandsänderung möglich,
  • Programm für Allies, z.B. ein Botschafter:innenprogramm oder andere Maßnahmen zur Förderung von Allyship, 
  • LGBTIQ+ Diversity Management

© 2023 Uhlala GmbH

Proudr ist ein Projekt der UHLALA Group. Seit 2009 unterstützen, fördern und verbinden wir LGBTIQ+ Menschen in ihren Karrieren und bringen sie mit Unternehmen und Organisationen zusammen, die ihre LGBTIQ+ Mitarbeitenden schätzen.

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