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Standort: Kronberg im Taunus

Sprache: Deutsch & Englisch

Branche: Finanzen


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  • Permanent positions full- & part time

About Us

We’ve been helping clients plan and save for their futures for over 50 years. From more than 25 locations around the world, we provide investment services and retirement expertise to 2.5 million clients worldwide – everyone from central banks and financial institutions to wealth managers and private individuals. We think generationally and look to the long term. And today, building on the security of private ownership and our clear sense of purpose, we’re growing our business like never before. Our Workplace and Personal Financial Health business is a key part of what we do. It’s here that we provide individuals, advisers and employers with access to world-class investment choices, third-party solutions, administration services and pension guidance. Together with our Investment Solutions & Services business, we invest $437 billion on behalf of our clients. By combining our asset management expertise with our solutions for workplace and personal investing, we work together to build better financial futures for millions of people around the world.

Why we partner with Proudr

When you join us, you’ll find that we care deeply about creating a supportive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and free to be themselves. It’s the right thing to do. It also makes our culture richer and our business stronger. We’ve made huge progress in terms of diversity and inclusion. We’ve created diversity & inclusion networks, made measurable increases in our workforce diversity and evolved our people initiatives all across our organisation. And we’re committed to improving every day – finding new ways to create an environment where everyone, no matter who they are, feels like they belong.

We offer these LGBTIQ+ measures and services in the company

  • Protection against LGBTIQ+ discrimination stated in the Code of Conduct or similar.
  • Sanctions of employees in case of LGBTIQ+ discrimination
  • Trainings for employees about sexual orientation and gender diversity
  • Trainings or ambassador programmes for straight and cis allies
  • No gender-specific dress code 
  • Gender-inclusive language in official internal communications
  • Participation in queer public events (e.g., Pride events)
  • Use of new first names possible before an official change of personal status 
  • HR management measures for LGBTIQ+
  • Requirement for business partners to respect LGBTIQ+ rights
  • LGBTIQ+ diversity management

Other measures

  • Encourage people to use pronouns
  • Global LGBTIQ+-Index

© 2023 Uhlala GmbH

Proudr ist ein Projekt der UHLALA Group. Seit 2009 unterstützen, fördern und verbinden wir LGBTIQ+ Menschen in ihren Karrieren und bringen sie mit Unternehmen und Organisationen zusammen, die ihre LGBTIQ+ Mitarbeitenden schätzen.

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