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  • You are passionate about designing and shaping agile organizational structures as part of the digitization of leading industrial companies
  • Build and evolve a high performance product organization that delivers end-to-end business value using agile collaboration methods
  • Together with the team, you define agile principles and values, implement them as a servant leader and support the continuous improvement process
  • Successfully coach IT programs regarding scaled agile frameworks (mainly SAFe)
  • Advise organizations and leaders to understand and live agile roles and responsibilities
  • You impart expert knowledge to our team to make the agile methodology toolbox even broader for us Act as a servant leader for your product team(s)
  • Coach and teach all involved roles like PO, PM, System Architects, Business Owners, Managers and Stakeholders in agile collaboration
  • Building strong teams by promoting self-management and autonomy
  • Creating an environment where constant learning through feedback and experimentation takes place
  • Creating awareness in the business and management for the specifics and requirements for agile product development

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